Fast Meals

I have two small boys and a husband, so trying to come up with fast dinners is my only way to survive. Generally when I come home, I have one kid on each leg begging for food. My way to buy time without filling them up is by giving them their veggies first. Usually I steam the veggies and give it to them while I cook the main dish. This is great for two reasons, if they are really hungry, they will eat them, and second I don’t feel bad if they fill up on too many vegetables.

Usually this buys me some time, but I still need quick easy meals. Here is a list of my favorite go to meals.


Crock pot pulled pork—wait no more family, the meal is ready when I come home!!

Faijta Chicken Bake–This one is truley easy and delicious. While it is cooking, I usually get the rice cooking in my rice cooker (this is a must! mine is a veggie and rice cooker and it has saved me more times than I can count!)

Crunchwrap Supremes-I just made this the other day, but used spinach and fresh pico. I also forgo the sour cream to make it a little healthier

Avocado pasta–so simple, yet so delicious


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